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"We called Septic Service Boise due to a septic emergency. Our septic tank had backed up and was overflowing in our upstairs bathroom. You can imagine the mess. The team showed up almost immediately and went right to work. They were friendly, professional, and priced well. They not only fixed the problem but cleaned up the area good as new! I highly recommend their company." - Ancy Thomas - Boise, Idaho

ASAP Septic Tank Installations Boise

Serving all of Boise, Cascade, McCall, Treasure Valley and surrounding Idaho cities.

Question: Are your drains slow, do you have septage or water backing up in a shower toilet or sink, are your drains gurgling, do you smell septic?

Answer: You either have a septic related issue or a plugged drain line.

Question: Do you know the location of your septic system?

Answer: if you don’t know the location of your septic system don’t worry we are here to help we can locate and dig up your septic system for the service.

Question: Has it been more than two years since your last septic service?

Answer: The recommended service interval on all septic tanks is 2-5 years. If you have     past the recommended 2-5 years call us we will be happy to help you.

Boise Septic Tank Locating

Don’t know where your septic system or drain lines are located?  We can locate your septic system and drain lines using the latest video technology.

We can also pull all available state records of your septic system to help in location, size, installation date and direction of your leach field.

Don’t worry again about where your septic system may be hiding, give us a call and we can take the worry out of it for you.

Septic System Installation Boise

At ASAP Septic we install both basic and complex septic systems. We use local tank manufacturers and can get new or re-done systems in the ground fast.

We pride ourselves in our installation and making long lasting trouble free systems.  We routinely walk customers through the process of permitting through completion and are happy to install systems for both residential and commercial applications. Our rates are very competitive. Please give us a call and we can discuss your new septic system.

Lifting Station Pumps and Tank Installation Boise

We service all septage lifting stations for both commercial and residential applications.

Our lifting station service includes an inspection of the pumps and we wash out every tank to insure there is no scum left to cause your expensive pumps any harm.

Give us a call today and we can set up a maintenance schedule for your lifting station so you don’t have to worry about it being plugged up and causing damage to your expensive pumps.

Grease trap or grease interceptor installation

Not only do we service grease traps for commercial establishments and restaurants, but we also install them by employing our years of experience into every job we do.

We are happy to assist our commercial customers with new or re-done grease traps and grease interceptors.

Please give us a call and we would be happy to speak with you about installing a grease trap or grease interceptor today.

"They were here in 20 minutes!"

Don’t let your next Septic Service be an emergency septic service

Call ASAP Septic for immediate septic service, cleaning, and inspection.

Nearly 40 years serving Idaho homeowners and commercial establishments!

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"Highly recommend their service!"

Does your Septic System need Servicing?

Septic pumping… Is your septic system backed up? Do you have gurgling drains or poor drainage? If so you most likely need your septic system pumped, cleaned and inspected.

Most systems require service every 2-5 years depending on the size of the house hold, size of the tank and condition of the tank and the leach field. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to service your septic system.

We use several different trucks and have the availability to pump large and small septic systems. We have small trucks with four wheel drive that can reach hard to get residences in remote parts of the state as well as our midsize and large trucks that can tackle projects up to 4,500 gallons at a time there is no job too big or too small for us.

ASAP septic service for these Southern Idaho counties and cities:

Ada, Adams, Boise, Canyon, Gem, Elmore, Idaho, Owyhee, Payette, Valley and Washington Counties. The cities of Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Garden City, Eagle, Hidden Springs, Cascade, McCall, Donnelly, New Meadows, Riggins, Council, Cambridge, Weiser, Payette, Fruitland, New Plymouth, Parma, Nyssa, Melba, Marsing, Homedale, Grandview, Silver City, Idaho City, Mountain Home, Emmett, Star, Middleton, Bruneau, Atlanta, Horseshoe Bend, Smiths Ferry, Grimes Creek, Letha, Sweet, Ola, Mayfield, Eagle, Pine, Featherville, Yellowpine, Warm Lake, Oreana, Indian Meadows.

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We have small trucks with four wheel drive that can reach hard to get residences in remote parts of the state as well as our midsize and large trucks that can tackle projects up to 4,500 gallons at a time there is no job too big or too small for us.  If you don’t have water available at the residence or commercial building, we can use one of our trucks that has water on it to properly clean your septic system. We will clean and inspect every septic tank that we pump and supply the owner with a detailed invoice including information on the condition of the tank and a map of where the tank and septic cap is located.

ASAP Septic tank inspections Boise

We at J&R Septic will perform a free septic tank inspection with our certified technicians on every system we pump and clean. If you our buying or selling your house, we can also inspect your tank to insure it is in good working order and supply you with the documentation you need for the buyer or mortgage company.

ASAP Septic tank cleaning Boise

We will clean every tank that we pump to insure it is operating at its peak performance level.  If you do not have water available at the site of your septic system no worries our trucks hold their own water to efficiently clean your septic system.

Finding your septic tank and cap

If you don’t know where your septic system and or septic cap is located we can locate and find it for you.  You can also log onto the Idaho department of Health and Welfare (See attached link) and follow their links to locate your septic system. We will also provide you with a map of where your septic system and cap is located making it easier for your next service.  We can also sell and install septic cap risers so there is no digging up of your grass on the next pump. The risers can be custom fitted to your situation and blend naturally into grass and other landscaping in your yard.


Lifter stations Boise

We can pump and inspect waste water lifter stations for residential septic systems and commercial applications.


About Boise ASAP Septic System Service

Septage Sludge Wikipedia

How Your Boise Septic System Works


All water runs out of your house from one main drainage pipe into a septic tank.

The septic tank is a buried, water-tight container usually made of concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene. Its job is to hold the wastewater long enough to allow solids to settle down to the bottom forming sludge, while the oil and grease floats to the top as scum.

Compartments and a T-shaped outlet prevent the sludge and scum from leaving the tank and traveling into the drainfield area.
The liquid wastewater (effluent) then exits the tank into the drainfield.

The drain field is a shallow, covered, excavation made in unsaturated soil. Pretreated wastewater is discharged through piping onto porous surfaces that allow wastewater to filter though the soil. The soil accepts, treats, and disperses… wastewater as it percolates through the soil, ultimately discharging to groundwater.

If the drainfield is overloaded with too much liquid, it will flood, causing sewage to flow to the ground surface or create backups in toilets and sinks.

Finally, the wastewater percolates into the soil, naturally removing harmful coliform bacteria, viruses and nutrients. Coliform bacteria is a group of bacteria predominantly inhabiting the intestines of humans or other warm-blooded animals. It is an indicator of human fecal contamination.



For a great many individuals living in country settings septic tank pumping is an unavoidable truth. With the nearest metropolitan sewage hookup miles away an appropriately kept up and working septic framework is indispensably critical and getting it pumped out at general interims is a piece of that maintenance. In this article we will take a gander at why getting it pumped out consistently is so critical, how it is done and about the amount you can hope to pay for this service.

Be that as it may, before we get into all that how about we investigate what a septic framework is and how it functions. In most straightforward terms a septic framework is an underground sewage treatment framework for homes that don’t have admittance to city sewer services. It commonly is involved four sections; the waste pipe from the house, the septic tank, the deplete field and the dirt. Every one of these parts need to in working request yet the tank itself is the most vital part.

Getting the tank pumped out at consistent interims keeps it working appropriately and anticipates stops up that can make sewage move down into the house and make disturbing smells. The essential patron to septic tank stops up are things that extremely biodegradable. This incorporates cooking oil and oils that get dumped down the deplete and paper items other then bathroom tissue; paper towels, clean napkins and tampons, cigarette butts and cotton balls will all in the long run corrupt however they have a tendency to stall out in the internal working of the tank and make obstructs that exacerbate after some time.

Another motivation to get a septic tank pumped consistently is to check it for harm that can trade off its capacity to work in a proficient way. When it’s pumped out it can be outwardly assessed for splits and other harm. On the off chance that any harm is distinguished it should be repaired to anticipate future issues.

The pumping procedure itself is really straight forward. A huge truck, now and again alluded to as a “Nectar Wagon”, with a major tank, suction pump, and a huge hoses will go to the property and stop in the general region of the septic tank. The administrator will expel the sewer vent cover from the tank, bring down the suction hoses into it and start up the pumps, sucking the amassed squander into the holding tank on the truck.

A decent pumping service will likewise give an intensive review of the septic tank once it is pumped clean. They will investigate the tank, valves and gulf and outlet ports for harm, for example, splits or stops up. They will likewise review the ground around the tank for indications of breaks too. Any issues ought to be conveyed to the mortgage holder so they can be managed to guarantee the correct operation of the whole septic framework.

The cost to get a septic tank pumped out fluctuates and will rely on upon where you live alongside a couple of different variables. Typically it will cost between $125 to $250 or more. The less demanding the occupation the less it will cost however there are a few conditions that can bring about the cost to increment.

The main issue numerous mortgage holders keep running into is knowing precisely where there septic tank is covered. This is especially valid for individuals who have acquired a home with a current framework. On the off chance that it is covered and its area isn’t promptly clear then your septic pumping service can utilize a pipes wind with a radio emitter connected to the end. The snake is nourished through one of the cleanouts in the house and out into the tank. A radio recipient is then used to discover the finish of the snake which gives the area of the tank.

Another issue is an absence of a septic riser over the top covering the opening into the tank. On the off chance that the pumping contractual worker needs to burrow down to discover the cover this can add to the cost of the service. This is likewise the ideal chance to introduce a riser to stay away from this issue for future pump outs.

The thing to recall when it comes the cost of pumping a septic tank out; The less demanding it is to for the pumper truck driver to discover and get to the tank the lower the general cost will be. It can be well justified, despite all the trouble to address any of these issues the first occasion when you get your tank pumped out as it will minimize expenses later on.