Septic System Inspections

Signs of Septic Problems in Meridian, ID

Your septic system gets used multiple times a day. Without frequent inspections, it could quickly become a health and safety hazard to you, your family, and even your neighborhood. We recommend having your system inspected and pumped every 2-5 years. You should contact ASAP Septic immediately if you notice any of the following:

Bad smell: If your drinking water comes from a well and you notice any changes in color or smell, do not drink it. Even a small amount of contamination could make you very sick. Call us at (208) 991-7184 to schedule an inspection immediately.

Grass or plants dying in your yard: If you notice that the grass or other plants in your yard are dying, it may mean that your septic drain field is leaking and there is a problem with your system.
Pooling water: Water pooling in your back-yard or on your lawn near your septic tank is a sign of a problem. The water is probably contaminated and it needs to be dealt with immediately.

Foul smells or raw sewage (human waste) on your property: A sewer backup can cause hazardous waste to seep into your property and contaminate your water. If you smell sewage, call us right away at (208) 991-7184 to schedule an inspection.
Slow drains or toilets: Slow draining sinks or toilets could mean your septic system is blocked or clogged. Having it fixed immediately will save you from more costly repairs.
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Septic Tank Inspections in Nampa, ID

When was the last time you had a septic tank or system inspection? Do you know if your system is safe? Has it been checked for leaks that could contaminate your property and pose potentially serious health risks to you, your family, and your neighbors? For residential and commercial properties alike, it is important to have periodic well and septic inspections. The cost of a new system is much more than regular servicing and maintenance, and you often don’t find out about a problem until it’s too late.

At ASAP Septic, we specialize in septic system evaluations and inspections to test the functionality of your system. If you are getting ready to sell your house, are buying a house with a septic tank, or you simply want peace of mind about your new septic system, our expert contractors will give you a comprehensive assessment of your entire system.

We provide a complimentary inspection on every septic system we service with NO hidden charges.
Schedule a septic inspection with ASAP Septic today by calling us at (208) 991-7184 or by filling out our online form.

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