Drain cleaning in Meridian

Septic System Service in Middleton, ID

Regular septic maintenance and inspections are vital to taking care of your house and property.  Clogged pipes, backed up waste water coming through the shower drainage, and other headaches can be avoided by regular pumping, cleaning, and repair.  Save money, time, and stress by calling ASAP Septic at (208) 921-6994 to regularly maintain your tank and all aspects of your system.  If a problem does arise, we are on call 24/7 to help you with any septic emergency you have.
Hydro-jetting and septic system service in boise

Excavation Contractor Services

We also provide excavation services for land clearing, digging trenches, holes for trampolines, driveways, and more.  
Call ASAP Septic at (208) 921-6994 or fill out our online form and let us help you with all your septic system needs. Serving Horseshoe Bend, Pine, Featherville, Placerville, Fairfield, Mayfield, and all of southwest Idaho.