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At ASAP Septic, we take pride in our honest, expert septic system services at competitive prices throughout Boise, Nampa, and southwest Idaho. Using the latest technology and equipment, we make sure you get the fast, reliable services you need to keep your system working properly for a long time.
We offer a broad range of septic services, including tank and system installation, testing, inspections, repairs, pumping, cleaning, and maintenance services at an affordable cost to keep your home’s drains running properly. We are one of the top-rated local companies that can handle any job.
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Residential Services in Meridian

 Our residential services include:
Septic installation: If you need a new septic tank and sewer line, we can get you up and running quickly. We use local tank manufacturers to ensure high-quality products, and we install both basic and complex systems.

Septic pumping: Pumping is one of the most important services to schedule regularly to make sure your system works properly. We bring a special vacuumized truck that removes the waste from the tank.

Septic video inspections: An inspection can tell you how well your tank is holding up and how much more life you have left in your system. With a special video camera and the latest equipment, we look for gaps, cracks, root intrusion, blockages, and other potential problems.

Septic maintenance & repair: Our professional system contractors will test for problems like a cracked septic tank, failing leach/drain field, or a broken/damaged sewer line, and fix any of the issues we identify.

At ASAP Septic, your septic system is our top priority.

Our services are honest, safe, affordable, and we can handle any issue you might have. For more information about our residential septic services, call us today at (208) 991-7184.