Septic service in Melba

 Septic Pumping Services in Kuna, ID

ASAP Septic is the area’s leading provider of septic tank care, cleanout, and emergency services for homes, businesses and RVs. Our septic system services include everything from septic system pumping services, to installation and inspections.

Emergency Septic Service Available 24/7

Septic system maintenance, cleaning, and repair is important to stay on top of.  It will save you money in the long run to conduct regular maintenance and inspections. By catching any house or business septic tank problems early, you will not have to clean up the disaster that comes with backed up wastewater and clogged pipes.
We also provide sewer drain cleaning and line locating services, grease trap cleaning for restaurants, sewer drain camera inspections, and more all at the lowest cost in the area.
excavation service in boise & kuna

Are you digging a hole for a pool installation, trampoline, driveway, or have another reason you need a large area of dirt removed?  We provide professional excavating services as a contractor or privately hired.   
When you need a new septic field, tank, and system installation, or a pumping for your house or business, you want to be sure to get estimates from only the most reputable companies. ASAP Septic has been locally-owned and operated for over 40 years, and is used by the National Forest Service because we provide the highest quality services at the lowest cost around. Call us at (208) 921-6994 for a free quote!