Loan for Septic System

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At ASAP Septic, we are passionate about providing high-quality septic services at a competitive price point. However, we also understand that life can come with some unexpected bumps in the road. There are options when it comes to paying for your septic and sewer system repairs and maintenance.

How to Pay For Residential Septic System Repair

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We understand that the financial aspect of paying for septic tank and system installation or maintenance and repair can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of possible options to help you pay for necessary septic services. Options for private homeowners include:

     ■ Home Equity Loan: likely needs a credit check and verification of income to qualify and have available equity in your home. Home equity is not commonly used for septic tank repair or replacement since it’s not generally enough of an expense.

     ■ Personal Loan: most common for home improvement loans. Has fixed interest, but does usually require a credit check and income verification.

     ■ State and Federal Funding: USDA offers septic tank loans with low rates for low-income families in rural areas; to qualify, household income must be less than half of the median income for the area. Elderly clients (ages 62 and older) may qualify for grants as well. 

How to Pay for a New Commercial Septic System

In addition to the standard business loans to build your business, commercial properties have additional resources for septic systems, too, depending on your organization. Section 319 of the Clean Water Act makes a stipulation that the Environmental Protection Agency provides grants for watershed organizations to restore impaired bodies of water. These grants can be accessed through the state’s nonpoint source coordinator; for the most updated contact information, access the website here.


At ASAP Septic, our priority is best serving our clients through our services and by being a go-to for information regarding all things sewer and septic.

When it comes to financial options for your septic system, we hope the above information helps you keep your property in working order. We serve clients in southwestern Idaho, including Boise, Middleton, Eagle, Star, Middleton, Melba, Cascade, McCall, ID and all surrounding areas. Contact us or call (208) 991-7184 for more information today.