Hydro-Jet Services

24-Hour Emergency Septic Pumping Available!

Clear Your Blocked Drain in Nampa, ID

If you have a clogged drain line, we can perform hydro-jet cleaning before it creates more problems. Whether there are tree roots, grease, mineral deposits, or sludge causing clogging in your drain, we can run up to 200 feet of hydro jet line to tackle the big problems in cities around Meridian, Caldwell, Middleton, and Idaho City, Idaho.
Hydro-jetting sprays water under very high pressure to cut through clogs and eliminate the debris. We fit a high-pressure hose with a special nozzle through the pipe to the place where it’s clogged. Then we pump up to four thousand pounds per square inch of water through the hose and into the pipe. The high-pressure water cuts through the blockage and flushes the debris through the pipe and effectively cleans it out.

Fix a Clogged Drain in Boise, ID

ASAP Septic can handle blocked toilets, sinks, and drains in residential and commercial applications. See our Drain Line Camera Inspections page for details on how we can get to the root of the problem.

Clogged Grease Trap in Meridian, ID?

If you have a grease trap, we run our hydro-jetting with our grease trap services to ensure your drain lines are clear of any potential blockages. 
We pride ourselves on providing top-notch septic services at competitive prices in southwest Idaho, from New Plymouth to Boise, McCall, Riggins, Nampa, and Mountain Home. We answer calls 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

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