Drain Line Clearing

We Provide 24-Hour Emergency Septic Pumping!

Unclogging Main Sewer Line or Blocked Toilet Drain in Meridian, ID

A clogged drain line pipe can lead to expensive problems. Whether you live in a larger city or a rural town, ASAP Septic can clear and repair clogged drain lines in your home or business.

It is important to call ASAP Septic as soon as you notice any potential issues. Signs that your main sewer line needs cleaning include:
  • Kitchen or bathroom sinks slow to drain or backing up
  • Garbage disposal backing up
  • Toilet not draining or flushing properly
  • Foul smells in kitchen or bathroom drains
We will determine the cause and location of the problem and either unclog or repair the main line. We won’t leave until a diagnosis is made and your drains are working properly

How to help prevent clogged drains and toilet blockages:
  • Flush only toilet paper (no paper towels, sanitary products, flushable wipes, etc)
  • Use drain baskets in sinks to keep debris from going down the drain
  • Do not dump oils or coffee grounds down the kitchen sink 
Drain cleaning in Meridian

Clear Clogged Drain Lines in Boise, ID

ASAP Septic is a leading drain cleaning company in Southwest Idaho. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We regularly perform work for the National Forest Service, and we can handle blocked drains and sewer lines of any size. We service clogged kitchen, bathroom, indoor and outdoor drains, and main sewer lines for homes and businesses 7 days a week. We also provide 24-hour emergency drain, sewer, and septic cleaning services.

If your toilet keeps backing up or you think you have a clogged drain line, call ASAP Septic at
(208) 991-7184 and our team of highly-skilled technicians will help you. We have drain cleaner snakes of all sizes, as well as hydro jetting equipment to tackle any size job in your home or commercial building.

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